Kalamain Construction The Leading Construction Company in Zimbabwe

Kalamain Construction The Leading Construction Company in Zimbabwe

Kalamain Construction is a leading Zimbabwean construction compan providing bespoke concept to completion services. 

Founded on the values of integrity, sustainability, and human resource development, this company brings together the best that Zimbabwe has to offer. 

We aim to fully understand our clients’ needs, and deliver creative solutions. Kalamain Construction’s vision is to bring creative and innovative designs to life, delivering client satisfaction while creating a better infrastructure and skilled workforce.

Founded in 2015 by Andrew Kennedy and Gordon Monaghan, this company combines decades of experience in building, carpentry, electrics, and more, with a culture of dedication and hard work.
Kalamain Construction The Leading Construction Company in Zimbabwe
Kalamain Construction The Leading Construction Company in Zimbabwe
We work closely with clients, architects, quantity surveyors, and engineers in order to deliver the best product possible. 

We offer concept to completion services, including design, and everything in between. We balance efficiency with attention to detail, making sure that deadlines and budgets are met while producing quality structures.

We offer a full turnkey service, and have completed projects that include fuel stations, industrial warehousing, corporate offices, showrooms, residential buildings, and renovations.

In order to produce beautiful and functional buildings, we have invested heavily into our labour force, making sure each of our employees receives training and skills that benefit the individual and the economy of our country. 

All of our sites comply with health and safety regulations and industry best practices. Kalamain Construction also strives to complete all projects in the most sustainable way possible, adhering to environmental regulations, and going beyond that to minimize environmental impact.

  • Our commitment to excellence is motivated by customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Client satisfaction is the mark and measure of Kalamain Construction’s success.

  1. BUILDING: Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers and millions of dollars in material, equipment and services. Coordinating such operations demands first-rate construction management which Kalamain Construction provides and strives to execute smoothly.
  2. SAFETY: Kalamain Construction is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and general public on our sites and surrounding areas. We aim to meet the requirements of all legislations, regulations, codes of practice, safety data sheets, and construction industry best practices.
  3. SUSTAINABILITY: Kalamain Construction is founded on the principle of excellence, and our approach to sustainable industry is no exception. Working according to regulations set out by the Environmental Management Agency, Councils and the City Planning Department, we work to provide the very best services while minimizing environmental impact.

Building with Kalamain Construction:

  1. CLIENTELE: With professional work ethics, we maintain a happy and satisfied clientele by keeping up good relations. respectable communication, understanding our clients requirements and meeting their needs is a top priority.
  2. TIME MANAGEMENT: We aim to successfully complete all projects on hand with high quality standards within the given time frame.
  3. SERVICES: Kalamain Construction is proud to be a construction company that offers a full turnkey service. To cover all your construction needs.
  4. BUDGET: Keeping within the given budget is extremely important. Procurement is managed to ensure the highest quality of building materials are found and obtained for the best price.
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