Check These Top 5 Solar Companies in Harare, Zimbabwe of 2024

Check These Top 5 Solar Companies in Harare, Zimbabwe of 2024

Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, is embracing solar energy as a sustainable and reliable power source. 

With a growing demand for clean and green energy solutions, several solar companies have emerged as industry leaders in Harare. The Top 5 Solar Companies listed have a proven track record of delivering quality products and services to their customers

Whether you are looking to install a solar system for your home or business, these companies can provide you with the expertise and support you need.

Investing in solar energy is not only a smart financial decision but also a responsible choice for the environment. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can reduce your energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable future. So why wait? 
Check These Top 5 Solar Companies in Harare, Zimbabwe of 2023
 Check These Top 5 Solar Companies in Harare, Zimbabwe of 2023
Contact one of these top solar companies in Harare today and start enjoying the benefits of clean and renewable energy.

Here Are The Top 5 Solar Companies in Harare, Zimbabwe for 2023:

1. Sona Solar Zimbabwe: 

Sona Solar Zimbabwe, an official MUST ENERGY Official Distributor in Zimbabwe has been at the forefront of making solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone in Zimbabwe. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, they offer specially designed energy solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Sona Solar aims to provide the best service and quality products at reasonable prices, helping customers reduce their monthly electricity bills while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Business Address: 7 Frank Johnson Ave, Eastlea (Near VID), Harare, Zimbabwe.
Landline: +263 24 2797750
WhatsApp: +263 78 864 2437, +263 78 293 3586 and +263 78 922 2847

2. Solar Shack Zimbabwe: 

Established in 2011, Solar Shack Zimbabwe is a reputable renewable energy service provider. Their focus is on delivering quality and durable solar solutions in Zimbabwe and the Southern African region. From installation to maintenance services, Solar Shack ensures reliable and efficient solar products for residential and commercial clients.

3. Frecon Solar Zimbabwe: 

Frecon Solar Zimbabwe operates in the Environmental Services industry and is dedicated to promoting clean technologies for a sustainable future. They believe that renewable energy is not just a solution for climate change but also a way to prioritize the environment, humanity, and economic security. With their headquarters in Harare, Frecon Solar Zimbabwe is committed to progress and reducing energy consumption and natural resource waste.

4. PFN Solar Systems: 

PFN Solar Systems is a professional service provider of electrical and solar power systems. They cater to both commercial and domestic consumers, offering a wide range of services including consultation, installation, system rectification, and after-sales support. With their experience across different sectors of the market, PFN Solar Systems blends expertise, agility, and innovation to provide exceptional service to their clients.

Phone: +263 77 432 9648, +263 78 027 5205, +263 78 027 5202.
Business Address: Coronet House, 17 Lancaster Ave, Harare

5. Felicity Solar Zimbabwe: 

Felicity Solar Zimbabwe is a high-tech new energy enterprise located in Harare. They specialize in research and development, project design and installation guidance, and after-sales service. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Felicity Solar provides tailored solar solutions to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

Telephone: +263242 443 450 
Whatsapp: +263779 073 333 and +263716 326 464
Business Address​: 45 Glenara Avenue South, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe

These Top 5 Solar Companies in Harare, Zimbabwe are leading the way in promoting clean energy and helping the community transition to sustainable power sources. By harnessing the power of the sun, these companies contribute to a greener and more energy-efficient future in Zimbabwe.
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