Know the Founder: Blessed Madzivanyika, CEO of Gravity IBR Roofing & Building Supplies

Know the Founder: Blessed Madzivanyika, CEO of Gravity IBR Roofing & Building Supplies

Blessed Madzivanyika, born January 26th, 1993, is the driving force behind Gravity IBR Roofing & Building Supplies, a company revolutionizing the construction materials landscape in Zimbabwe. 

Under his leadership, Gravity IBR has become a one-stop shop for builders, offering top-quality supplies, exceptional service, and a commitment to community.

From Vision to Reality: Building Gravity IBR

In 2018, Blessed envisioned a company that streamlined the building process by offering all necessary materials under one roof. This vision became Gravity Building Supplies and Hardware, officially registered on October 18th, 2018. From the outset, the company prioritized quality, becoming a multi-disciplined leader in building materials supply across Zimbabwe.

Gravity IBR: A Multifaceted Approach

Gravity IBR is more than just a supplier. The company manufactures its own IBR and QTile Roofing Sheets, ensuring control over quality and availability. They also stock a comprehensive range of essential building materials, including cement, timber, deformed bars, and Gyproc products.
Know the Founder: Blessed Madzivanyika, CEO of Gravity IBR Roofing & Building Supplies
Know the Founder: Blessed Madzivanyika, CEO of Gravity IBR Roofing & Building Supplies
Furthermore, Gravity IBR boasts a team of experienced construction personnel. This expertise translates into effective and professional consultancy services, guiding clients through every stage of their building projects.

Digital Brilliance: Building a Brand

Blessed Madzivanyika's strategic implementation of digital marketing strategies across social media channels played a pivotal role in Gravity IBR's success. This innovative approach generated exponential growth in traffic, solidifying their position as a leader in the Zimbabwean construction industry. Today, Gravity IBR dominates the building supplies category within the country.

Beyond Business: A Commitment to Community

Blessed Madzivanyika recognizes the importance of giving back. His dedication to social responsibility is evident through his leadership of the Change Men Movement, an organization that partners with Gravity IBR in various charitable initiatives. Together, they distribute blankets and warm clothes to underprivileged communities during harsher seasons, offering comfort and support to those in need. Furthermore, the Change Men Movement empowers men by providing resources and mentorship to help them succeed in today's world.

Investing in People: The Gravity IBR Philosophy

Blessed Madzivanyika believes that the greatest asset of Gravity IBR is its dedicated team. His leadership prioritizes employee development, offering comprehensive on-the-job training and encouraging continuous learning. Additionally, Gravity IBR actively promotes occupational safety and fosters a healthy work environment, ensuring the well-being of their staff.

Building a Brighter Future

Blessed Madzivanyika's vision, innovation, and commitment to excellence have transformed Gravity IBR into a cornerstone of the Zimbabwean construction industry. By prioritizing quality, service, and community engagement, Gravity IBR paves the way for a stronger and more vibrant construction landscape for years to come.

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