Price Guide for Sunray Electrical Zimbabwe - Power Up Your Home

Price Guide for Sunray Electrical Zimbabwe - Power Up Your Home

Sunray Electrical Zimbabwe is your one-stop shop for all your solar energy needs in Harare.

They offer a comprehensive range of high-quality solar equipment at competitive prices, empowering you to harness the sun's power and achieve energy independence.

Sunray Electrical: Your Reliable Partner in Solar Solutions

This article delves into the extensive product selection available at Sunray Electrical, along with their current pricing structure (as of April 2024):
Price Guide for Sunray Electrical Zimbabwe
Price Guide for Sunray Electrical Zimbabwe

Unveiling the Powerhouse: Inverters

Sunray Electrical boasts a diverse inverter selection catering to various system sizes and budgets:
  1. Affordable Power: Start your solar journey with a cost-effective 1500W inverter for $95.
  2. Hybrid Options: Explore Luminous and Must hybrid inverters, ranging from 1kva to 5.5kva, for seamless integration with batteries for backup power. Prices start at $150.
  3. Premium Performance: For larger systems or those demanding superior technology, consider Growatt or Epever hybrid inverters, priced from $565 onwards.

Harnessing the Sun's Energy: Solar Panels

Sunray Electrical offers a variety of solar panels to suit your energy requirements:
  1. Budget-Friendly Solutions: 100W and 350W panels offer entry-level options, starting at $50.
  2. High-Efficiency Panels: Invest in Jinko and Canadian Solar panels with capacities ranging from 405w to 555W for optimal energy generation. Prices range from $70 to $115.

Storing Sunshine for Later: Battery Options

Sunray Electrical understands the importance of battery storage for uninterrupted power. Explore their selection:
  1. Lithium Technology: Leverage the benefits of lithium batteries for their efficiency and lifespan. Options start with the Polaris 12V 100ah battery for $310.
  2. Capacity Choices: Choose from various capacities like 24V, 48V, and 52.2V, with prices ranging from $500 to $1350 depending on brand and capacity.

Essential Accessories for a Complete System

Sunray Electrical provides all the necessary accessories for your solar setup:
  1. Mounting Kits: Secure your panels with galvanized mounting rails, hanger bolts, and anti-theft clips, starting at $0.80.
  2. Cables: Connect your system components with a variety of DC and battery cables, priced per meter.
  3. Breakers and Isolators: Ensure system safety with AC and DC breakers and isolators, starting at $3.
  4. PVC Surface Boxes: House your electrical connections neatly with PVC surface boxes in various configurations, starting at $7.
  5. Trunking: Organize your system's wiring with trunking in different sizes, starting at $5.

Protecting Your Investment: Safety and Control Devices

Sunray Electrical prioritizes safety and control with a range of products:
  1. Adjustable Voltage Protectors: Shield your system from voltage fluctuations with AVS devices, starting at $15.
  2. Weekly Timer Switches: Manage your appliances efficiently with timer switches for $25.
  3. Surge Protective Devices: Safeguard your system from damaging surges with AC and DC options, starting at $13.
  4. Changeover Switches: Transfer seamlessly between grid and solar power with manual or automatic changeover switches, starting at $13.

Optimizing Your System: Charge Controllers

Sunray Electrical offers PWM and MPPT charge controllers to regulate battery charging:
  1. PWM Options: Choose from 30A and 40A PWM controllers for $25 and $35, respectively.
  2. MPPT Technology: Maximize energy harvest with MPPT controllers in capacities ranging from 60A to 100A, priced from $180 to $300.

Additional Products for a Complete Solution

Sunray Electrical carries additional items to enhance your solar experience:
  1. Battery Disconnect: Ensure safe battery isolation with F-Disconnectors and fuses, starting at $35.
  2. Lighting Solutions: Explore energy-efficient LED bulbs and powerful solar flood lights, starting at $2.
  3. Tools and Accessories: Find a ratchet socket spanner set for $20 and safety rope for $5 to assist with installation.

Convenient Service and Competitive Prices

Sunray Electrical offers free quantity delivery within the Harare CBD, making it easier than ever to start your solar journey.

Contact Details:

Address: 6 St Kitts Arcadia, Harare (near ABC Auctions)
Phone: +263 719 783 644; 024 2751 325 (Audrey or Jane)

Operating Hours: Weekdays: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Saturdays: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

Embrace the Power of the Sun with Sunray Electrical!
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