Check These Top 10 Solar Companies in Zimbabwe - Full List Updated 2023

Check These Top 10 Solar Companies in Zimbabwe - Full List Updated 2023

In Zimbabwe today one of the major issues with our socio-economic growth is the lack of power from the power sector, where many households still make use of candles, touch lights, lamps, and of course the most popular generators.

It is quite unbelievable that a 3rd world country like Zimbabwe which is supposed to be taking the lead in Africa as regards power has put a halt on its growth to the sustainability and generating of quality power supply to the citizens of the federal republic of Zimbabwe.

Regardless of all these issues, the natural rays of sunlight provided by nature have proven to be the future alternative to the limitless source of light.

Solar energy is radiant light from the sun that is harnessed through a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, molten salt power steel, and artificial photosynthesis.

The Best Solar Energy Companies In Zimbabwe:

1. Frecon Solar Zimbabwe.
2. Sona Solar Zimbabwe.
3. Felicity Solar Zimbabwe.
4. Voltman Solar.
5. Distributed Power Africa.
6. One-Stop Solar Zimbabwe.
7. Samasco Zimbabwe
8. Global Solar Zimbabwe.
9. SolarCity.
10. Onesun Solar.

The following list is not exhaustive, but it has been prepared by  Professional Solar Systems (ProSolar Systems) for the convenience of all persons who may require solar equipment or apparatus or require advice and assistance on solar-related issues in Zimbabwe. 
The Best Solar Energy Companies In Zimbabwe - Solar Companies Review (Updated 2022)
The Best Solar Energy Companies In Zimbabwe - Solar Companies Review (Updated 2022)
Below Is The List Of Top Solar Energy companies in Zimbabwe:

1. Frecon Solar. Today the challenge is not to conquer the moon but the quality of life on earth. Our world desperately needs the implementation of clean technologies to reduce energy consumption and the waste of natural resources. Renewable energy is way more than just a solution for climate change, it puts the environment, humanity, and economic security first – that’s sustainability: a sign of progress. The above-stated notion drove to the formation of Frecon Electric, the journey started on the dawn of 2012 as the company penetrated the market as an informal trader and was later on registered in 2016. Over the past few years, the company has undertaken many projects in solar water pumping systems, home borehole installations and consultancy. Although started with a modest amount of capital today Frecon Electric is growing fast in every aspect to try and meet the demand of the exponentially growing solar industry. We are supported by a strong management team comprising people with relevant technical experience. We strive to provide excellent renewable energy solutions to satisfy the challenging need of our customers. Our customers are evidence of our achievement.
Contact Details: +263 77 230 2542 and +263 77 450 6666
Address: 5 Rudland Ave, Belvedere, Harare

2. Sona Solar ZimbabweSona Solar Zimbabwe Is Customer Centric. We Bridge The Huge Gap Between Getting The Best Quality and Getting it at an Affordable Price. We Deal in Trusted and Quality Brands to Bring Customers Varieties of Electrical and Renewable Solar Powered Equipment Such As - Solar Panels, Inverters, Solar Batteries and etc. Sona Solar Zimbabwe Understands The Problems of Getting Quality Solar Equipment whether for Residential or Office within the Zimbabwean Solar Energy Market. We Are Open to Not just Selling to Customers, We also Impart Knowledge to them to make Better Purchase Decisions. We also Offer Pre-Sale and After-Sale Services such as Installations, Consultations, Procurement and Maintenance.

Whatsapp: +263 78 864 2436

3. Felicity Solar.  Felicity Solar is a fast-growing provider of world-class clean energy resources manufacturer situated in Eastlea Harare Zimbabwe. Felicity is deeply rooted in solar system technologies, project design, and installation from single-family homes to big businesses, making it one of the most innovative and reliable companies throughout Zimbabwe. Through dedicated research and continuous innovation, we possess unique technology and product superiority. We value our customers and we continuously strive to meet customer expectations. We have a lot of experience in solar projects and we are there to provide technical installation guidance for everyone across Zimbabwe. Felicity Solar strives to be the leading Southern African Renewable Energy Firm that helps residential and corporate customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, environmentally friendly power solutions.
Whatsapp: +263 77 907 3333 and +263 71 458 0313
Address: 5 Rudland Ave, Belvedere, Harare

4. Voltman Solar: Voltaman (Pvt) Ltd trading as Voltman Solar is a Zimbabwean renewable energy company specializing in wholesale, retail and distribution of solar panels, inverters and batteries. Voltman Solar is the exclusive distributor of the JANASI renewable line of products that include Lithium-Ion Batteries, JANASI Solar Panels, JANASI Inverters. Voltman Solar also stock other brands of solar panels, inverters and batteries.

Contact Information:
Adress: Shop 3 George Square, Kamfinsa, Greendale Harare
Phone: +263 782 619 660 and +263 712 634 9010

5. Distributed Power Africa (DPA): DPA is a market leader in innovative solar energy solutions. We have operations in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Part of the Econet Group of Companies, Distributed Power Africa (DPA) supplies commercial and industrial customers with efficient, green solar energy installations without an initial capital outlay.

Whatsapp: +254 711 469710 and +2711 030 7200
Address: Smatsatsa Office Park 1st Floor, Block B, Borrowdale Road, Borrowdale, Harare

6. One-Stop Solar: One-Stop Solar is committed to being consistently reliable in our customer service, product quality, stock holdings, pricing, warranty terms as well as after-sales support. We strongly believe this is what sets us apart as a cutting edge renewable energy service provider. We look forward to becoming your green energy partner. When you think of home, you think of a soft fluffy floor mat to dust your feet on, the smell of delicious coffee as you walk through the door... you’re filled with warmth as you see the warm homemade pies waiting for you and the knowledge of a smiling face when you walk through the door... it’s a place where you’re listened to, a place you’re given “power”... A place where sunshine abounds and there’s a sweet snack in the fridge... A place you can look out from the balcony and feel that load-shedding isn’t so bad right now as you look wistfully over the city. With all of the above waiting for you, our new Harare Drive home is your home too. Come and experience it all. Except for the foot massages - there are no foot massages. We have officially moved and are open for business! We have consistent and reliable solutions for any solar requirement.

Whatsapp: +263 8677 300 400 and +263 8677 300 534 
Email: and
Address: 534 Pomona Business Park, Harare Drive, Pomona

7. Samasco: With four decades working in the solar power industry, we have many stories to tell, come join us on our journey! Samansco was founded in 1982 to promote appropriate technologies and sustainable development in Southern Africa. The primary focus of the company has been renewable energy, with a specific focus on solar photovoltaic power. At Samansco, we are committed to the development of technologies appropriate for rugged African conditions. We support small scale solar companies, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, working for a sustainable future. Our promise is to create solutions that will bring communities together through the provision of solar power for households, offices and especially remote areas with the greatest needs. Samansco’s growth and success has been a result of a dedication to this philosophy. Our industry experience is reflected in the careful consideration we take for the products we provide to our clients and partners we associate with.

Call or Whatsapp: +263 242 442645-7 and +263 242 480484 and +263 71 260 0245
Address: 331 Samora Machel Avenue, Eastlea, Harare

8. Global Solar Zimbabwe: Global Solar (Pvt) Ltd is a limited liability private company incorporated in Zimbabwe (February 2014) that commenced offering solar products and services in March 2014. Global Solar Pvt. Limited is into solar energy (photovoltaic) ) technology business which involves research, project designs and project proposals, procurement of project equipment and gadgets, installation, end-user training and after-sales service. We aspire to become the voice of solar energy. Zimbabwe needs about 2,200 megawatts of electricity at peak consumption but generates just bel 1,300 megawatts while relying on imports to fill the gap. Due to ageing equipment, power generation is often disrupted following breakdowns. In most cases, the generators operate below capacity. Solar technology is a priceless solution to pollution problems caused by fossil fuels. We are in renewable energies to stay and are seeking for long term private and corporate partners to share technologies we are privileged to have. Welcome to the limitless opportunities offered by God-given solar energy
Contact Details: +263734 067 289
Address: 23 Selous Avenue Scripture Union Building, Harare

9. SolarCity: SolarCity is Zimbabwe's leading solar installer and modern energy services provider. We install solar systems and provide complementary electrical services to residential and commercial customers. Since 2012 we have delivered over 100 solar power systems to homes and businesses around Zimbabwe.

Sales: 295 Samora Machel Eastlea
Telephone: 0718 069 228, 0773 205 279

10. Onesun Solar: Zimbabwe, is one of the sunniest and best-irradiated countries in the world, is perfectly suitable for solar energy installations. Encouraging alternative power production resources is imperative for the country to reduce its dependence on the national grid, avoid load shedding and power cuts, and provide the possibility to supply communities living and working in remote off-grid areas with reliable power. Exploiting the energy from the sun, as an infinite power source, leads to a consistent and sustainable power supply, which consequently supports the growth of a green economy. Onesun Solar (Pvt) Limited aims to bring new clean energy services for Zimbabwe by joining the expertise of both founding companies. Within this cooperation, The Meeco Group delivers turnkey renewable energy services and products, such as the solar energy generation and storage system sun2live, the rooftop solar solution sun2roof, and the intelligent energy management system sun2safe. On the other hand, C & J with over 41 years of experience in a range of businesses including microfinance, retail, and the innovative ZimSwap project has already established excellent market penetration and networks, promoting solar solutions through its extensive marketing team based in Zimbabwe. The sun2safe, Meeco’s intelligent energy management system, is one of the most requested renewable energy solutions as it perfectly meets the energy requirements of customers in the Zimbabwean market. Clients can discover the benefits of a 5 & 10 kVA-sized sun2safe and the new sun2go solution targeting the rural off-grid communities.

Address: 162 The Chase, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 242 745 951 - 4
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