The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Wakanda Solar Panels (Updated 2023)

The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Wakanda Solar Panels (Updated 2023)

Wakanda Solar is a fast-growing company with the purpose of working in the field of renewable energy sources in Zimbabwe.

We a specialised solar company that strives towards what our name proclaims - We will solve all your solar needs in a professional and personal manner.

In Zimbabwe there have been massive challenges of electricity shortages, therefore, they are a need for Solar to every home or Business but also advantages to using energy from natural resources. With our infrastructure, team, and partners, we are able to offer the latest in Solar Power solutions.

Not only do we sell solar products, but our own highly qualified team does also designing and installations for all our Residential and Commercial clients. 
The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Wakanda Solar Panels (Updated 2022)
The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Wakanda Solar Panels (Updated 2022)
We offer you a variety of financial solutions to cater to your needs.

The Best Solar Panels in Zimbabwe - Wakanda Solar Panels (Updated 2022)

  1. Residential Solutions: Residential solar panels are designed to fit within a home’s existing roof space or landscape layout. Once installed, solar systems immediately start working, collecting sunlight and transforming it into usable electricity. Solar panels for home consumers begin absorbing sunlight Photovoltaic cells (PV) to convert sun rays into energy Extra energy is either sent back to the grid or stored in storage batteries How solar systems utilize and store solar energy is sometimes specific to how a solar power company installs a configuration. Wakanda Solar is available to answer any homeowner’s questions.
  2. Mining: Solar power and battery system are providing power independence and security for millions of people around the world. So there are many companies that are now supplementing their mining operations by using solar energy. There is no doubt that this form of energy is a cost-cutter and helps to save other sources of energy from running out. Reliability Now we all know that most mines operate round the clock, so the mining operators would expect constant availability and high reliability from the various power systems without any shortfalls. Solar plants with battery banks are able to store a lot of solar energy. Other solar technologies can also be used to generate steam which in turn runs a turbine and produces electricity. These power plants can work well in isolation and are capable of providing services without any problems. These power plants can work well in isolation and are capable of providing services without any problems. The best part is that as a mining operator you do not have to depend on natural gas or diesel. If you are carrying out mining operations in remote places it may be logistically difficult and expensive to transport fuel. Natural gas also has significant financial and logistical challenges.
  3. Industrial: Electricity is getting more and more expensive. As a company, you will easily feel the effects of this. But it is not only the financial burden that plays a role. The ongoing price increases also influence long-term planning and cost security and as a result your overall competitiveness. Commercial enterprises should therefore make themselves independent and use as little electricity as possible from the public grid. Instead, it pays to use self-produced solar electricity produced. Because the more solar energy you consume, the more you save and the more you increase your yields. In addition, you secure a stable and cost-effective electricity price in the long term.
  4. City Council: With the growth of LEDs and the mass production of solar panels, solar street lighting has become a cost-effective alternative to grid-connected lights. Now, new technology integrated into off-grid lighting systems can deliver the highest level of reliability and long life for these critical systems. Wakanda Solar is leading in front why not call us today and learn more on all the products that we are offering to the City Council.
  5. Farming: Solar water pumping systems are becoming more and more popular, especially for locations with no existing power. Basic systems run pumps directly when the sun is shining, ensuring that they work hardest in the hot summer months when they are needed most. Solar irrigation systems are very reliable and cost-effective, requiring little maintenance. They can easily be sized and installed to fit your desired need. While smaller systems generally don’t require batteries, larger pumping systems may include them, along with inverters and tracking mounts to follow the sun. effective electricity price in the long term.
  6. Street Lights: TSolar traffic lights are signalling devices powered by solar panels positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control the flows of traffic. They assign the right of way to road users by the use of lights in standard colors (red - amber/yellow - green), using a universal color code Solar traffic lights are self-sufficient as they do not require external power sources. They are easy to set up and operate.
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